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Urban Solar Partners with OutdoorLink to Deploy New PV Stop +

We have partnered with OutdoorLink in the deployment of our new PV Stop+ pole-mounted solar bus shelter lighting solution to provide enhanced safety for bus stops without shelters. OutdoorLink released their new SL-2-DC controller, an addition to their SmartLinkTM Asset Management System, designed to manage low voltage digital assets like bus stop lighting, real-time signage and illuminated advertising shelters.  The SL-2-DC controller is valuable for monitoring solar assets like bus stop lighting and real-time signage, by sending a notification when critically low power levels are reached.  The SmartLinkTM system notifies users so they can minimize downtown and restore functionality as quickly as possible. Run times can be changed online to accommodate solar power limitations and keep devices running, which reduces the frequency of battery replacements.  The SL-2-DC controller is compact and can be easily installed into new or existing enclosures.

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