Urban Solar is happy to offer additional support on your project. From custom solar and lighting design to bus stop amenities and project management, we are excited to assist to improve your bus stops.

Custom Solar Solutions

Our standard products do not meet your project requirements?

Reach out to our team! Urban Solar’s engineering team are solar experts and have completed many custom solar lighting projects, We are happy to discuss your projects needs to find a solution that will be optimized for you!

Custom Light Fixtures

Have specific lighting requirements?

Our engineering team has developed lighting solutions with custom light color, brightness, dispersion, etc. We are currently working with LA Metro’s Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program (STAP) to develop the first ever light fixture designed specifically for bus stop lighting! If you’d like to improve the lighting at your bus stops, reach out to our team to discuss our lighting options.

Bus Stop Amenities

Looking for other bus stop amenities like seating, bus shelters, or more?

We have partnered with Tolar Manufacturing to provide additional bus stop amenities. Urban Solar’s team would be happy to work with you to determine your needs and along with Tolar Manufacturing, we will provide you with a complete bus stop amenities package.

Project Management / Implementation

Urbans Solar’s team is experienced in working with Transit Agencies and Municipalities to implement bus stop amenity projects. Our team is able to support your project from concept to installation. We offer services from supply only, to fully managed “turn-key” solutions, including installation and product training.


Interested in more information?

Get in touch with our team today.