Digital Displays

Vandal Resistant Digital display enclosure

Real-time bus arrival information is an important feature at bus stops. Real-time information:

  1. Decreases the customer’s perceived wait time by over 50% (Source)
  2. Improves customer experience
  3. Builds trust in public transportation

To continue to pursue Urban Solar’s mission to “Power Better Bus Stops”. Urban Solar has partnered with Axentia, the world leader in digital signage for bus stops, to bring their superior technology to North America.

Product Highlights

Ultra-low power

  • Displays operate for 3+ years on battery between battery changes and without any need of external power.
  • Can be paired with our solar lighting solutions to improve the safety at the stops and extend the battery life to 5-10 years (depending on solar viability of site).

True real-time

  • Latency updates of both data and display within a maximum 10 seconds using full roaming on 4G/5G LTE.
  • Uses any available data feeds including: GTFS, GTFS-RT, VDV, SIRI and many others.

Great readability

  • Backlight/front-light always on when dark, no need for motion sensors
  • Anti-reflective treated front-glass

Practical benefits

  • No external cables or antennas needed
  • Easily integrated with existing infrastructure such as poles, foundation and weather shelters etc.
  • Tough enough for transit; polycarbonate screen protector available.
  • Compact design and light weight; display and batteries included in one compact unit.
  • Typical installation takes less than 15 minutes for one person

Easy to maintain

  • The only required maintenance is battery replacements every 3-5 years
  • Operates at all stops even without grid or solar power
  • Full surveillance through an online portal

Display Options

E-paper Digital Displays

Axentia e-paper 13-inch displayE-paper display technology allows for fully customizable grey-scale information to be displayed. Screen sizes range from 13″ to 42″.

Download the E-paper Brochure

LCD Digital Displays

Axentia 3-row LCD Digital displayLCD Display technology is more reliable in extreme cold temperatures. Additionally, this may be the best option if the customizable layouts of e-paper is not a requirement. Screens range from 2-5 row displays

Download the LCD Display Brochure

Vandal Resistant Enclosure

Vandal Resistant Digital display enclosure

Vandalism is a concern for all Transit agencies. We have designed an enclosure to protect your display from common forms of vandalism and allow for easy maintenance of the system.

Download the Vandal Resistant Enclosure Specification sheet

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