No grid power? No problem.

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Safer cities

Reduced impact

Cost savings

Urban Solar manufactures reliable solar lighting systems for commercial applications.

Transit Agencies

Don't let the cost of bringing in grid power stand in the way of a well-lit stop. Join agencies in over 40 states who trust Urban Solar to keep their transit amenities safe.

Discover Trusted Transit Solutions

Parks & Public Works

Standalone solar lighting saves money and is ideal for parks, pathways, parking lots, and rural roadways where grid power is far away and costly to install.

Get Off the Grid

Outdoor Advertising

Equip your transit shelters with the most reliable solar lighting systems on the market and rest easy knowing that your lights are on, and ads are visible.

Find Reliable Ad Illumination


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<h1>The Urban Solar Promise</h1>

The Urban Solar Promise

Speak with the experts

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