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Urban Solar deploys solar bus stops in San Francisco

Urban Solar is proud to announce its agreement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) to supply solar powered LED lighting in San Francisco, California.

Urban Solar started working closely with SFMTA officials in 2009 to create a unique bus stop amenity that reflects the agency’s commitment to transit services, the city’s culture, and passion for renewable energy.  SFMTA had also started a bus stop improvement program with CCO that includes new poles, signage, and solar lighting.

SFMTA started deploying the first 500 of an estimated 3,300 planned bus stop upgrades using Urban Solar’s PV-Lantern, which is an autonomous stand-alone solar powered LED bus stop light.  It reduces the need for disruptive and expensive trenching of utility poles to each bus stop.

“We are very pleased that SFMTA and Clear Channel Outdoor chose us for this green initiative,” says Urban Solar President Jeff Peters.  “SFMTA and the City of San Francisco are great partners and an excellent location to showcase our technology.  San Francisco’s west coast weather can be challenging for solar systems in an urban setting. Our powerful controller and experienced design ensure it will have lit bus stops year round.”

About the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

SFMTA oversees transit, streets, and taxis for the city of San Francisco. Its fleet includes buses, light rail vehicles, historic streetcars and iconic cable cars.

About Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor reaches more than half a billion people each month in more than 40 countries, making it one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies.  CCO’s more than 675,000 displays are seen in urban, transit, roadside, and airport environments.