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Urban Solar awarded major contract with Long Beach Transit

Urban Solar has been awarded a contract to supply solar powered LED lighting systems to Long Beach Transit (LBT).

LBT’s Bus Stop Improvement Planning Committee (BSIP) has worked hard to enhance LBT’s customer experience by exploring ways to increase lighting at bus stops for a more comfortable and secure atmosphere for riders. The committee discovered 75 of LBT’s shelters lacked adequate lighting, which prompted them to find a solution.

After a competitive bidding process, Urban Solar’s RMS 60F lighting solution won top pick. It’s an autonomous stand-alone solar powered LED bus shelter lighting solution, which reduces the need for disruptive and expensive trenching of utility poles to each bus shelter. The RMS series is also NRTL certified as a complete system by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

“Long Beach Transit is an innovative agency and a leader for efficiency and renewable technology use within its bus stop and transit operations,” says Urban Solar President Jeff Peters. “This competitive award is further evidence of Urban Solar’s technology – high performance, reliable and independently safety certified solar powered LED lighting solutions.”
“Long Beach Transit’s number one strategic priority is to improve safety and service quality. Making safety and security enhancements throughout LBT’s service area contributes directly to fulfilling our mission: ‘Dedicated to connecting communities and moving people . . . making everyday life better.’ Urban Solar shelter lighting is an important ingredient to these enhancements, as they properly illuminate LBT bus stops to promote a welcoming, secure and environmentally friendly experience for our customers and the community,” says Robert Keane, Manager of Facilities and Infrastructure at Long Beach Transit.

About Long Beach Transit

LBT serves more than 28 million boarding customers in Long Beach and surrounding areas and has earned an excellent reputation since its inception in 1963. Its reputation stems from its focus on passenger and public safety, reliability of its fleet, and friendliness of its bus operators.