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Urban Solar Attending APTA Business Members Annual Meeting

As members of multiple committees within the American Public Transportation Association‘s (APTA) Business Members community, we’re excited by any opportunity to join others in the industry to discuss issues in public transportation, and the trends that are shaping its ridership and policy. At this year’s annual meeting, held from January 29–31 in Carlsbad, California, we’ll be participating in sessions that will help set APTA’s private sector agenda, along with other APTA business members. Senior Business Development Managers Eben Lindsey and Rowan Plaxton are attending on behalf of Urban Solar.

We’re looking forward to a program that explores the role of emerging technologies, demographic shifts, and changing rider expectations and challenges in the current public transit landscape—and to hearing insights from our peers in the industry. During subcommittee meetings, we’ll be sharing our own experiences and expertise, and working collaboratively with other members to build relationships and strategies to address key issues in public transportation.

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