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Urban Solar installs pathway light at Mt Hood Community College

Urban Solar is excited to announce its partnership with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) for an installation of its Solar LED Lighting solutions – the SLL Series.

Urban Solar worked with Portland’s transportation agency Trimet, as well as Mt Hood, to illuminate a multi-use pathway from the main college office, and a public right-of-way with a Trimet transit shelter.

Mt. Hood chose to use a self-contained, stand-alone commercial quality solar pathway light from Urban Solar. This allowed the college to eliminate lengthy and disruptive work to trench and bring traditional grid power to the pathway. The SLL Series removes the need for trenching and grid power and replaces it with a renewable energy source – the sun.  In addition to high output LEDs, the SLL light has real-time monitoring options and a smart controller, which ensures reliability through the long Pacific Northwest winters.

Urban Solar’s manufacturing and United States operations are based in neighboring Beaverton, Oregon. Urban Solar also supplies commercial grade solar lighting systems for transit and parking lot applications. Its products are NRTL certified as a complete system by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which adds another layer of safety and reliability to this carbon neutral solution.

“Mt Hood Community College is a leader in providing quality education through state of the art campuses,” says Urban Solar President Jeff Peters. “This application will help to increase safety at the college and is further evidence of Urban Solar’s technology – high-performance, reliable and independently safety certified solar powered LED lighting solutions.”

“Staff and students really like the light. It fits into our sustainability program while offering improved visibility and providing an increased level of security. Urban Solar’s attention to detail ensured a fast and efficient installation, with little to no disruption to students and staff utilizing the pathway. We’re thrilled with the end result,” says Charles George, Director of Facilities, Mt. Hood Community College.

About Mt. Hood Community College

Mt. Hood Community College offers more than 120 professional and technical programs and serves approximately 33,000 students each year. It prides itself on being a leader in state-of-the-art learning environments and innovation, including the use of solar power, efficient LED lighting solutions and renewable energy initiatives.