13 Reasons why solar lighting is such a bright idea

Government agencies and private customers are discovering that Urban Solar lighting systems can provide bright, reliable lighting that meets Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards without the need for costly and time-consuming trenching, cabling and civil works

Key Benefits

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Enhanced Security

Increase transit, pathway and park use by enhancing security. Read about how Porterville increased ridership while saving money by installing solar lighting systems.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Cost Savings

Read about how the District of Saanich saved significant taxpayer dollars by choosing solar for a pathway project in Layritz Park.

A system for every application

How Solar Lighting Makes Your Infrastructure Safer

America's Safest City

America's safest city for 13 years running, Irvine, CA installed Urban Solar SLL Series security lighting systems in Orchard Park. The parking lot is now illuminated to meet the City's municipal lighting standards from dusk to dawn. The SLL Series systems also comply with Irvine's Municipal Code, which requires that all solar energy systems be UL-listed for safety.
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UL Listing

Many Urban Solar lighting systems carry a system-level UL-listing, so our systems are code-compliant for every Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
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Power Outage-Resistant

"The last time we had a blackout on campus, it happened just as students were leaving their evening classes. Urban Solar's system was the only street light that stayed on during the blackout. We are planning to install more Urban Solar systems to increase security for our students and faculty." - Humberto Álvarez, Ph.D., Technological University of Panama

True Lighting Solutions

Urban Solar’s engineering and design staff can take on even the most challenging project. We size every system according to its location and operating profile. Virtual site inspections ensure that every system receives sufficient solar exposure.


Our experienced lighting designers ensure your installation meets relevant IES and municipal lighting standards. Let us know your project location, and we can recommend appropriate systems and system placement.
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Project Assistance

We work with landscape architects and other professionals to ensure you have the perfect system for any environment.

Smart City Ready

ECM Connect remote monitoring and control solutions are available upon request. The technology of tomorrow, today.

Reliability by Design

The long-term reliability of Urban Solar systems has been tested and proven in 40+ states and over a dozen countries.


During our 10+ year company history, 10,000+ systems have accrued over 10,000,000 hours of operation and we are proud to offer a 10 year system warranty.
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The right system for every project

Urban Solar has developed a proven sizing methodology that uses 22 years of site-specific NASA data to size the array and battery bank appropriately for every project. We build systems that provide bright, reliable illumination, rain or shine, 365 days of the year.

The right technology for the job

Urban Solar is one of the only manufacturers to utilize both Lithium Ion and Sealed Lead Acid battery technologies, which offers us unparalleled flexibility in developing the best system for your project and climate conditions. Read more about our major installations with King County Metro in Seattle, WA and the City of Tempe, AZ for examples of how we manage standalone solar in challenging solar conditions and extreme temperatures.