Park Lighting & Pedestrian Paths

Park lighting along a footpath at night.

Urban Solar’s RMS Series makes park lighting simple. Featuring sleek architectural design and year-round reliability for outdoor lighting applications, the compact all-in-one design is ideal for pedestrian walkways, parks, pathway, greenway and trail settings.

Park lighting schematics.Installation is fast and easy, and no specialized electrical knowledge or extensive site work is required.

Plus, RMS park lighting and pedestrian lighting systems position your community or business as an innovative leader in reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

See the installation video on the Layritz Park case study to find out more about RMS Series commercial solar lighting.

The RMS Series is also fully compatible with Urban Solar’s ECM Connect™ technology, which allows you to monitor and manage your system remotely. Troubleshoot issues and receive key insights on any device, at any time.

More About ECM Connect™

At Urban Solar, we’re solutions-focused. That means we’re here to help, whether you need lighting design, structural calculations, security cameras or more. Our team’s combined expertise and proven reliability ensure that our clients are happy with their new lighting solutions.

Learn more about the features that set the RMS Series park and pathway lighting apart:

  • Standalone power—that means no trenching and no utility bills, just consistent, reliable solar-powered illumination
  • Independently tested for safety, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed
  • Simple to install designs that cut down on environmental disturbance and costs
  • Reliable, high performance LED lighting that doesn’t rely on the grid and isn’t affected by outages
  • ECM Connect™ Smart Controller with remote monitoring capabilities, so you can troubleshoot any time, from anywhere
  • Industry leading warranty—we stand behind our solutions
  • 70W to 170W tilted solar arrays
  • 36-180 Ahrs 12V battery capacity
  • SLA Batteries options with -40° to 176°F operating range
  • Smart Controller with LED dimming/battery charging/data logging
  • Calendar based lighting event scheduling
  • Several luminaire options with any Type I,II,II,IV IES light distribution

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