Athens-Clarke County Transit, Athens, Georgia


Athens, Georgia is a university town with one of the highest rates of transit ridership per capita in the United States. Athens’ population has grown by 15 per cent in recent years, and the consolidated city-county wanted to not only serve their ridership’s growing volume, but to also explore new technologies that could help serve them better.

About Athens – Clarke County

Athens Transit had a vision that included the addition of a variety of modern services to their fleet’s operations. Many of these advancements would require an efficient and reliable power supply, and solar was an intuitive option. Renewable, eligible for carbon credit, and perfectly suited to Georgia’s sunny weather, a solar lighting and power system just made sense.


Athens – Clarke County was interested in investing in technology and amenities above and beyond standard transit lighting. Their vision for enhancing the public’s experiences with their transit system included:

  • Safety lighting
  • Smart phone charging
  • Systemwide WIFI access for riders
  • Signage for real-time route scheduling
  • Security cameras
  • Panic buttons

After reviewing Athens Transit’s forward-thinking concepts for improvements to their system, Urban Solar responded with an approach that would make each of those goals a reality. Featuring an independent, re-charging battery on each unit, Urban Solar’s standalone, off-grid products required no trenching and eliminated utility costs. The result is an innovative solar power system that has improved safety and rider experiences across Athens – Clarke County.

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