Case Studies

Urban Solar bus stops in Seattle on April 20, 2017.(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)


Urban Solar provides reliable, custom solar lighting solutions for both area lighting and transit bus stops and bus shelters in rural and urban locations across the United States and Canada. For details on how commercial solar lighting is used to improve public safety, promote eco-friendly initiatives, and lower costs on maintenance, see the case studies below.

Transit Bus Stop and Shelter Projects

Orange County Transit Authority, CA, USA

Urban Solar provided a new wave of safe, efficient and brightly lit solar stops that capitalize on Orange County’s sunlight and met needs for an off-grid lighting solution.

Read the Orange County Case Study

TriMet, Portland, OR, USA

We provided solar bus stop and shelter lights to enhance rider safety for transit leaders, TriMet, which operates mass transit for most of the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon.

Read the TriMet Case Study

King County Metro, Seattle, WA, USA

We provided safe and reliable lighting to the region’s transit riders, even throughout the winter when low light levels might make it difficult for other products to charge.

Read the King County Metro Case Study

Tempe Transit, Tempe, AZ, USA

We worked with Tempe Transit to upgrade lighting for their transit amenities to better serve their active ridership and better connect the community.

Read the Tempe Transit Case Study

Athens-Clarke County Transit, Athens, GA, USA

We worked closely with this transit authority to customize an innovative solar power system that has improved safety and rider experiences across Athens – Clarke County.

Read the Athens-Clarke County Case Study

Porterville Transit, Porterville, CA, USA

Urban Solar designed and installed two distinct systems that, along with other improvements, have helped to increase this region’s ridership more than 20 percent and has decreased costs by about 35 percent.

Read the Porterville Case Study

Area Lighting Projects

Arbutus Greenway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Urban Solar’s team customized a solution to meet the City’s need for reliable solar illumination along this green urban corridor.\


Read the Arbutus Greenway Case Study

Layritz Park, Victoria, B.C., Canada

We supplied a number of lighting systems to provide significant illumination to this park in the District of Saanich, on Vancouver Island.


Read the Layritz Park Case Study

Sun Peaks Resort, Sun Peaks, B.C., Canada

Urban Solar’s pathway lighting solution was installed at Sun Peaks Resort to illuminate the walkway and improve workers’ safety.


Read the Sun Peaks Case Study

Magnolia Manor Park, Seattle, WA, USA

We provided a series of solar-powered bollard lights to improve safety and access after dark in this urban park.


Read the Magnolia Manor Park Case Study

Irvine, Orange County, CA, USA

This project provided the City of Irvine with bright, reliable parking lot lighting for one of its busy public parks.


Read the Irvine-Orange County Case Study

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