King County Metro, Seattle, Washington


King County Metro is one of the 10 largest public bus agencies in the United States, with 8,000 bus stops and more than 1,800 shelters.

Investment in new products, technologies, and service improvements for its extensive service area are helping them to streamline their operations. Since 2011, Urban Solar has been a part of fulfilling those demands.

About King County

Known for its dark and cloudy Pacific Northwest weather in the winter, and heavily shaded urban locations, Seattle can be a challenging environment for solar power and lighting options. King County required a robust, well-engineered solar lighting system that could operate in those conditions, and a team with the expertise needed to design it for maximum efficiency.


Following a competitive request-for-proposals process in 2011, King County officials selected Urban Solar’s transit shelter solar lighting model RMS 120. These systems have helped them to provide safe and reliable lighting to the region’s transit riders, even throughout the winter when low light levels might make it difficult for other products to charge effectively.

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