Why UL

For Urban Solar, developing reliable and safe solar systems is our top priority. That’s why many of our systems have been independently tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)–the most prestigious nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) worldwide.

System Level Listed

Urban Solar is one of few solar companies that is UL-listed at the systems level. This means that our full systems are certified by UL, rather than a single component.

By having the UL Listing Mark associated with our products, you can trust in the value that you will receive from all of Urban Solar’s systems. Why?

  • In all cases, the UL Listing is a valuable and trusted tool to facilitate the acceptance of equipment.
  • Earning the authorization to apply a UL Listing Mark requires rigorous examination, testing and surveillance that demonstrate compliance with nationally recognized safety standards.

Safety Approval Standards

With the rise of renewable energy companies entering the market and solar myths that often circulate in discussion, the UL Listing Mark can help ensure that your solution meets safety approval standards.

Urban Solar’s UL Listing is certified under the numbers E484659.

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