Urban Solar Inset Pathway Marker

Urban Solar’s Inset Pathway Marker (IPM) is the perfect eco-friendly solution for illuminating parks, pathways, trails and more. This fully self-contained pathway marker allows for safe use of pedestrian and multi-use pathways from dusk until dawn. The IPM sits flush with a concrete pathway surface, allowing for trip-free use by pedestrians, skateboards, bicycles, and other pathway users.

Each IPM is manufactured from virtually indestructible cast aluminum, with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate cover that stands up to buses, snowplows and other heavy vehicles.


  • Pathway and road illumination safety
  • Streamlined aesthetic with great daytime appearance
  • No electrical design or wire install costs
  • No ongoing carbon emissions
  • No regular maintenance
  • Immune from power outages
  • No ongoing electricity costs

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