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Urban Solar’s Eben Lindsey Named One of Mass Transit’s 40 Under 40

Urban Solar is proud to announce that Eben Lindsey, Senior Business Development Manager and Marketing Manager, has been named as one of Mass Transit’s 40 under 40 for 2020!  Mass Transit recognizes 40 outstanding young individuals (under 40) annually to acknowledge and celebrate the difference they make in the public transit industry.

Eben works with clients on small- and large-scale projects, with a shared goal of creating long-lasting sustainable power solutions. Working directly with transit agencies, industry suppliers, cities and counties, Eben helps our clients develop custom systems to meet their unique needs. These projects span months to years, and Eben’s passion for delivering successful, sustainable solutions motivates him to serve as a true resource for his clients.

His achievements include recognizing a long-standing need in the transit industry for pole-mounted security lighting at unsheltered bus stops. Eben worked with the Urban Solar team to create the new 2020 PV Stop+ providing both security lighting and digital signage for locations without electrical infrastructure. The PV Stop+ is easy to deploy, making it the ideal solar solution for unsheltered stops. In 2019, Eben also worked closely with the Coachella Valley Association of Governments to provide solar inset pathway wayfinding markers for the 50-mile CV-Link.

“I feel a sense of pride every time I see someone waiting for the bus at a well-lit stop that uses one of our systems. Many people don’t think much about the amenities that they use every day, but we certainly notice if they aren’t there for us. I am most proud of working with so many great agencies to help make their communities safer and more sustainable.” – Eben Lindsey

Congratulations, Eben!

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