Urban Solar announces expansion into Puerto Rico

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Urban Solar announces expansion into Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – Urban Solar is thrilled to announce San Juan Lighting Corp as its representative in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands.

Puerto Rico has a climate well suited for solar powered LED lighting, and as a result, has many projects.  Unfortunately, until now, the island has been experiencing solar system failures time and time again.

“You don’t have to travel far within San Juan to see solar lighting system failures.  Inexpensive products, suppliers out of business, non-UL Listed systems, components cobbled together without proper engineering, and undersized systems are the norm,” says John Steel, Urban Solar’s Director of International Business.  “Many systems have been installed incorrectly, in shaded areas under trees, or behind buildings that block sunlight.  All of these occurrences have given solar lighting a bad reputation.”

San Juan Lighting has focused on high-end lighting and other architectural product promotion and sales for more than four decades.   It will now provide a comprehensive package of off-grid solar LED lighting solutions from Urban Solar, for uses including pathways, bikeways, parking lots, street lighting, and perimeter security lighting.  San Juan Lighting can also provide its off-grid solar lighting expertise for any lighting project design.

“San Juan Lighting is a perfect fit for representing Urban Solar and our UL Listed systems.  Its commitment to detail, professionalism, and client support mirrors Urban Solar’s position.  We are honored to have its team as a part of our family,” says Steel.

About San Juan Lighting

San Juan Lighting was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer representative, and has served the architectural design community for all its lighting needs with complete dedication and professionalism.

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From our customers:

“Urban Solar’s technology adapts to our short, overcast winter days and offers a remarkable and reliable product. It enhances passenger’s safety and operator visibility.”

– Jeff Brewster, Intercity Transit

“The new Urban Solar improvements and technology have increased ridership more than 20 percent and decreased costs by about 35 percent.”

– Richard Tree, Porterville Transit

“Initial costs to supply and install these lights are lower compared to conventional systems. We will do more of these installations as pathway lighting needs arise.”

– Gary Darrah, District of Saanich