Solar Pathway Lighting

The Urban Solar USL01, made by Hergy Lighting Technology Corp., is designed to provide bright illumination for parks, pathways and other urban settings. This low-profile, inset lighting source is solar-powered and can be installed in a variety of settings to provide reliable lighting, without the need for costly cabling and power grid connections.

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From our customers:

“Urban Solar’s technology adapts to our short, overcast winter days and offers a remarkable and reliable product. It enhances passenger’s safety and operator visibility.”

– Jeff Brewster, Intercity Transit

“The new Urban Solar improvements and technology have increased ridership more than 20 percent and decreased costs by about 35 percent.”

– Richard Tree, Porterville Transit

“Initial costs to supply and install these lights are lower compared to conventional systems. We will do more of these installations as pathway lighting needs arise.”

– Gary Darrah, District of Saanich