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    The Streamline Solar Series is a sleek, stand-alone system that delivers superior brightness and excellent return on investment– ideal for parks, pathways, parking lots, and other urban environments.

    Not sure if your location is suited for solar? Try it out first! We’re happy to provide a free demo of our newest product for up to six months.

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    From our customers:

    “Urban Solar’s technology adapts to our short, overcast winter days and offers a remarkable and reliable product. It enhances passenger’s safety and operator visibility.”

    – Jeff Brewster, Intercity Transit

    “The new Urban Solar improvements and technology have increased ridership more than 20 percent and decreased costs by about 35 percent.”

    – Richard Tree, Porterville Transit

    “Initial costs to supply and install these lights are lower compared to conventional systems. We will do more of these installations as pathway lighting needs arise.”

    – Gary Darrah, District of Saanich