ECM Connect™

Urban Solar’s smart technology

Urban Solar’s web-connected Energy Control Module (ECM) technology allows users to monitor and operate solar LED lighting systems remotely from their desktop or mobile devices.

Urban Solar’s SLL Series, PV-Stop and PV-Shelter systems already use intuitive power management, and are now further enhanced by the highly reliable, patent pending ECM technology.  The new ECM Connect™ utilizes wireless connectivity to provide several new lighting control features and benefits for reliability.

ECM Connect™ features & benefits:

  • Web-enabled wireless control and monitoring of solar lighting systems, which allow municipalities to control the energy consumption and lighting profiles while reducing maintenance costs
  • Real time lighting management and energy savings, using calendar based scheduling and dimming to optimize performance year-round
  • Secure wireless communications and intuitive user interface, which allow programming of lighting fixtures to turn on, off, or dim on any real time or pre-programmed schedule
  • Data collection and reporting capabilities, which allows municipalities to check active lighting, solar charging, and battery condition warnings
  • Secure wireless connection, to manage or control your lighting network from any browser using PCs or smartphones
  • Internet connectivity
  • In depth configuration options
  • Remote lighting control

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