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New SLL Series lighting product

Urban Solar is proud to announce its latest solar light innovation, the Solar LED Lighting (SLL) Series. This series is built on the technology foundation of Urban Solar’s successful transit line of solar lighting solutions.
The SLL Series of lighting products can be configured for an array of lighting applications including:

  • Pathway lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Street illumination
  • General security lighting

The series is a modular pole-mounted product line that covers lighting applications requiring 50 to 480 watts of installed solar capacity. SLL solutions include best-of-breed sub components including industry leading LED luminaires and smart controller options to support your lighting needs.

This series has a number of exciting features including a range of solar and battery options, a flexible LED driver, sophisticated load control via clock/calendar capable controller, and an option for cell connection for remote monitoring,” says Urban Solar President Jeff Peters. “With all of this and more, we are very pleased to welcome the SLL Series to our family of solar powered LED lighting products. Urban Solar currently supports solar applications with municipalities across North America and the SLL products will allow us to expand our business with existing customers while reaching out to new areas of business.”