New year, new reminder to check your batteries

For a decade, Urban Solar has partnered with North American transit agencies and municipalities to help keep people safe by providing reliable solar lighting for bus stops, multi-use pathways, roadways and parking lots.

Solar lighting systems, all of which contain batteries, will require maintenance and eventual battery replacement during their service life to continue providing safe, reliable operation.

Has your Urban Solar lighting system been in service for more than three years?  The Energy Control Module (ECM) has been working to extend the life of your commercial solar lighting system batteries, and efficiently utilizes every day of capability from them.

However, even with the best battery management practices and efficient charging algorithms incorporated into the Urban Solar ECM, your lighting system batteries may be showing signs of age and could be due for replacement.

All agencies should have a battery replacement/system maintenance plan in place to ensure the lighting systems continue to provide reliable and safe lighting.

If you have questions about battery replacement, expected lifetime, or any other concerns please contact Urban Solar.

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