Porterville Transit, Porterville, California


Porterville Transit boasts a full service, comprehensive transit system, serving the needs of Porterville, California residents and visitors.

Porterville Transit’s mission statement is to provide safe, affordable, reliable and efficient transit service that effectively meets the needs of Porterville residents. To achieve this, they identified the following goals:

  • Implement solar powered lighting at every stop to ensure the safety and security of riders
  • Implement compressed natural gas (CNG) buses reduce carbon emissions
  • Have regularly updated routes to adapt to fluctuations in ridership levels
  • Integrate bus tracking and routing software to optimize routes


Urban Solar designed and installed two distinct systems: the LED Pole Mounted Bus Stop and Solar Powered LED Bus Shelter Lighting.

“The new improvements and technology has increased ridership more than 20 percent and has decreased costs by about 35 percent.”

– Richard Tree, Porterville Transit Manager

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