Irvine, Orange County, California

Watch the video below to see how Urban Solar’s parking lot lighting solution was installed at Orchard Park to provide UL-certified, dusk-to-dawn lighting 365 days of the year.


As a leading planned city, Irvine has one of the lowest rates of crime in the United States, a number of leading universities and a burgeoning tech sector. With amenities including basketball courts, playgrounds and a baseball diamond, Orchard Park attracts citizens during both daytime and evening hours.

Municipal code requires all areas with vehicle traffic to be lit to a minimum of 1.0 foot-candles, in excess of IES requirements and that all solar lighting systems are UL-certified as entire systems.

About Orchard Park

The City of Irvine has considered solar area lighting for past parking lot, park, and pathway projects. However, Irvine requires all solar energy systems to be UL listed for safety.


The City selected two Urban Solar SLL-320 systems to illuminate Orchard Park’s parking area to a minimum of 1.0 foot-candles from dusk until dawn, 365 days of the year, per City Standards.

The systems were installed by the City’s electrical contractor, Horizon Lighting, in a single day.

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