Urban Solar bus stops in Seattle on April 20, 2017.(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)


Investment in safe transit options is essential, including upgrades to infrastructure and amenities that serve the public while respecting the environment.

Bright, reliable lighting for stops and shelters are fundamental to these efforts, and Urban Solar’s reliable Underwriters Laboratories listed solar lighting solutions are up to the task. For transit lighting systems, we offer multiple purpose-designed series that can be configured for a variety of transit amenities.

Transit Lighting

Bus Stop Lighting

Our pole-mounted lighting configurations are an ideal solution for bus stops without shelter structures, improving visibility and acting as a deterrent for criminal activity.

Bus Stop Lighting Options

Bus Shelter Lighting

Our transit lighting systems can be customized to fit bus shelters with barrel, flat or peaked roofs, providing transit authorities with a number of options when selecting an illumination product.

Bus Shelter Lighting Options

Area Lighting

For area lighting systems, Urban Solar offers two series: Solar LED Lighting (SLL) and Ready-Made Solar (RMS).

These series can be applied in a variety of ways, allowing for a customized approach to every project. Urban Solar is happy to consult with all of our clients to determine the best product for their specific needs, and the most efficient and effective configuration for each project’s unique context and requirements.

Urban Solar’s area lighting products are an excellent, solar-powered solution for any of the following applications.

Pathway Lighting

Our pole-mounted and bollard lighting options provide bright and reliable illumination for pathways in a variety of environments.


Parking Lot Lighting

We specialize in commercial parking lot lighting options that provide bright, reliable illumination solutions that increase safety and visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.


Park Lighting

Our pole-mounted overhead lighting solutions are ideal for general illumination in parks and recreation areas.


Greenway Lighting

Our overhead lighting options are an ideal solution for greenway lighting, and can be implemented in different terrains.


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    From our customers:

    “Urban Solar’s technology adapts to our short, overcast winter days and offers a remarkable and reliable product. It enhances passenger’s safety and operator visibility.”

    – Jeff Brewster, Intercity Transit

    “The new Urban Solar improvements and technology have increased ridership more than 20 percent and decreased costs by about 35 percent.”

    – Richard Tree, Porterville Transit

    “Initial costs to supply and install these lights are lower compared to conventional systems. We will do more of these installations as pathway lighting needs arise.”

    – Gary Darrah, District of Saanich